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How to set up Nest for overseas employer

Need UK bank account or not?

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I have a client who is a US company, which has sent an employee to work in the UK, so we have had to register the UK payroll with HMRC.

Now comes the Nest problems!  There is only one employee, who (I think) wants to opt out of Nest, but the problem is that she is paid from a US bank account, as the US company does not have a UK bank account.  You have to go through the hassle of setting up Nest, even if the employee opts out, BUT the set up form requires a UK bank account, as a direct debit needs to be used for the (potential) payments and refunds.

We have phoned up Nest who have confirmed that there is no way around this, i.e. company has employee so need to set up Nest, but can't without UK bank account which they haven't got, so we are snookered!

Has anyone else encountered this issue and perhaps found a way around it?


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By jcace
22nd Nov 2018 13:32

You could take the option to pay by debit card.
Edit: although you will still need to enter bank account details for any refunds.

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