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How to solve a VAT return problem

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I filed a VAT return via Sage 50 cloud accounts on 23rd January for a client and received the usual notification from HMRC that it had been filed successfully. I have now received a letter from HMRC saying that they had not received the return. They say the problem is with Sage and Sage says the problem is with HMRC. Any ideas how I can resolve thisĀ 


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05th Mar 2019 08:48

If you received a notification from HMRC that it had been filed successfully then just send it to HMRC as clearly Sage are blameless.

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05th Mar 2019 09:27

Not sure why this needed to be anonymous........

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05th Mar 2019 09:56

Agree with Tim.

Just send them a copy of the HMRC notification and tell them not to try to shift the blame.

Even if it's Sage's fault, you've a great excuse.

I had this once, about 15 years ago. I ended up getting a grovelling request to resubmit a missing partnership return. I did - but, imho, technically, I only have to submit it once. If they lose it, it's their problem. On the other hand, I ask them for stuff the client's lost from time to time so no point in sticking to the letter of the law all the time.

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