How to submit an AIF form

ASA does not seem to have it as an option.

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With apologies for what should be a simple question, but how does one submit an AIF report as part of an R & D Claim, prior to submission of the CT return.

HM Revenue and Customs guidance indicates that the AIF form should be submitted through the Agents Service Account. However, this option (or corporate tax generally) does not seem to be available within the ASA. Both online services and corporation tax lines have been unable to assist, to put it politely. Is anybody able to advise where we may be going wrong.      

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By jamesjcrylatt
17th Apr 2024 16:05

Click the green 'start now' button at the bottom of this page:

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Replying to jamesjcrylatt:
By FactChecker
17th Apr 2024 16:24

But first note this section earlier on that page ...

"If you’re an agent:
You must log in to your agent services account before you can complete an additional information form on your client’s behalf.
The company should give you their permission to complete the form for them."

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Replying to FactChecker:
By rmillaree
17th Apr 2024 16:46

from memory jamesjcrylatt is correct here - this can all be started via that link - it does involve logging in but i think this link is the only way to get there - unless its somewhere hidden in the asa acount too - either way that link should start the ball rolling

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17th Apr 2024 17:15

Thank you all, it is appreciated.

Rather odd (or perhaps not) that nobody at online services, or the corporation tax helpline, could point us in the direction of the green button.

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Replying to JD:
By rmillaree
17th Apr 2024 18:40

thats hmrc for you - to be fair at least they make the green buttons green and big and clicking on them generally works

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