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How to treat interest on directors loan into company

How to treat interest on directors loan into...

An owner director has made substantial loans into his property investment company. I note that the new rules on the £1000 personal savings allowance talk about bank, credit union and peer to peer lending loans - do I take it that interest he may receive from his loan to a limited company does NOT fall into this category? I am also aware that there is provision to allow £5k of interest free of tax if the taxpayers total income is less than £15600 in 2015/16. Do I take it that I can't take advantage of this rule either for this interest?

Finally know that banks are from 6th April 2016 going to be paying investors interest gross. Do any new rules apply to limited companies paying interest or is a CT61 return still going to need to be completed?

I was assuming I would find the answers to the above by a general internet search but seem to be struggling for confirmation - so your help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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