How to treat software development cost?

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Hi all, One of our limited company client has incurred software development cost of £4,000.  How should this be treated in the accounts and capital allowances due on these costs?

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By David Ex
07th Nov 2022 14:38

Think there are various accounting standards that may guide you.

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By carnmores
07th Nov 2022 14:59

does it work do they use it ? fancy claiming R&D?

personally, if it works I would capitalise it, might it be saleable?

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By Paul Crowley
07th Nov 2022 15:03

Did they pay a supplier to do do it, or are those internal wages.

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By [email protected]
07th Nov 2022 16:20

Hi Paul
They paid supplier to do it.

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