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Any Answers rules and policies

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What is Any Answers for?

  • Any Answers is a forum for anyone with an interest in accountancy to ask questions. It is intended to be a safe and happy place for you and share ideas about the profession and the challenges it faces.
  • Questions can range from, “Can a husband and wife running a furnished holiday let vary the ratio of profits between them” to “What software would you recommend for a new small practice?” or “Which accounting qualification is best?” Before posting your question, however, please use the Any Answers search box to see if it has been asked before. It’ll save you and everyone else lots of time.
  • We encourage accountants and those with an interest in accountancy to ask questions and comment. Members are free to express their opinions within the boundaries of English law and decent and appropriate behaviour. 
  • Any Answers is not a place to promote your own services, so please do not post questions such as ‘What do you think of my company/website?’
  • There is, however, the option to post a question with the 'Opportunities' filter if you wish to post requests for work, job openings and blocks of fees for sale. More information on how to use this filter can be found here.
  • All registered members who have logged into the site can respond to the questions. Please note that the people who answer are often professionals who are sharing their expertise for the greater good of the community. They are not here to provide free accounting advice.
  • Users are free to seek clarification for technical issues that are troubling them, but tax and accounting can be very complex. Any Answers conversations can get very involved around what the legislation says and how different people interpret the regulations. As one member wisely advised: “If you intend to plan a course of action based on what you read in here, you should instead be taking professional advice.”

How to use Any Answers

  • After checking whether your question has been asked before, click the yellow Ask a Question button and type away. The system will want you to enter a heading, a more detailed summary and a bit of detailed text setting out the question.
  • It will also require you to select a “topic” under which your question will be filed and to select subject tags that collect content into specific themes such as “self assessment”, “CGT”, “management reporting”, “tax software” and so on. Just type the first few letters of your topic and if you’re lucky the system should prompt you with matching tags.
  • Some of the people answering your question may ask questions of their own to get at the full facts of your situation. This is what accountants do. If you are one of the responders asking these follow-up questions, please do so with some sensitivity to the questioner’s circumstances and avoid putting them through the third degree.
  • If there is an element of personal or professional sensitivity in your question, there is the option to contact a team member and request for it to be posted anonymously. Please contact [email protected] or directly message a moderator or editor to discuss the situation further.
  • There is the option to edit your post for up to 30 minutes after the time of posting. Alternatively, if you decide you want to make edits after a longer time period, please click the report button to alert the moderators and make a request for additional amends, or contact us via the email [email protected].
  • If you are unhappy with how the thread has developed, click the report button to alert the moderators or email [email protected] to deal with any problems you encounter.

Posting dos and don’ts

  • Please behave appropriately and sensitively at all times and do not post comments which are knowingly offensive. 
  • Bad language, deliberately inflammatory comments about sex, age, race, religion or politics, or any other derogatory or personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you can’t make a point without swearing, then back away from your keyboard.
  • Any attempts by members to deliberately provoke another member on these grounds will result in a temporary ban and the original thread being removed to allow time to investigate the nature and context of the comment(s). 
  • Do not use Any Answers to promote your own business – though if it is relevant to the question that was asked, it is acceptable to alert the readers to what you do or the service you offer.
  • People who persistently disregard these points (set out in more detail in our site terms and conditions) will be subject to a temporary ban on their access to AccountingWEB.  Members who are welcomed back after a temporary ban will be asked to post within these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban. 

This post is a summary of the basic behavioural standards we expect on Any Answers. They are not open to debate, so comments have been disabled on this thread. Please contact me by private message or [email protected] if you want to discuss any of these points.