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How to value integral features on EU FHL

How to value integral features on EU FHL

Client purchased an apartment in Portugal. We want to claim capital allowances on the integral features. We know how much the apartment cost and we have a list of all the equipment. A guide we have read says 25% to 30% of the value but how do we decide this in practical terms? To what extent does this need to be investigated? Thank you


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11th Feb 2012 09:52

I suggest you read :

and the associated links.

Regards Peter

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11th Feb 2012 10:34

Integral features

Hi - Integral features exist within the fabric of the building rather than separately identifiable equipment, that is covered by normal Capital Allowance.  Have you had a read through HMRC's specific manual on this?

I've only ever done this for a UK property so don't know whether anything differs for an EU property, however it's advisable to get a property surveyor to value the IFs, I wouldn't know where to start on valuing it.

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