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How to work for a UK company from the Netherlands?

How can I work from the Netherlands for a UK company who hasnt got a UK entity in the Netherlands?

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My wife is currently working for a UK company in the UK, but is soon moving to the Netherlands with me. I will locally employed by a local dutch company.

She will continue working for the same employer, doing the same job but with more activities in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Currently the employer seems to struggle a bit to get this setup from a tax/local uk law perspective. Since they dont have a dutch entity registered. I suggested to work as a contractor but they are affraid this wouldnt work since they will be the only client in that case. 

I am aware of Payroll service companies such as Tentoo? This would mean the Payroll company would employ here and take care of all the local laws/tax. Anyone has got experience with that, if this causes any difficulties for the UK company? 

Any tips are welcome, thanks!




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20th Mar 2019 16:57

You (or, her employer) need(s) specific Dutch advice. EU social security rules (for as long as we don't leave) will make her subject to Dutch NIC but not UK NIC as a Dutch resident with work in various member states, unless her UK employer can get an A1 to keep her UK-insured. If we actually leave with no deal, she'll definitely be subject to Dutch NIC (EU rules again), *and* possibly UK NIC for the first 52 weeks (depending on the detail of the move). And she'll be taxable in NL, so the employer will have Dutch payroll tax obligations. She'll need to complete a P85 for HMRC when she leaves so that the UK employer can get an NT code if she stays on a UK payroll. I have no idea whether NL has an equivalent of IR35, but it certainly has strict rules on agency workers. Take Dutch advice!

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