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How will Google Adsense be affected by Brexit?

How will UK Google Adsense income be affected by brexit?

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Google Adsense income received by a UK, VAT registered company currently has to declare the income on an EC Sales list report to HMRC. This income is not subject to UK VAT, I believe because it is dealt with under reverse charge.

How is this going to be affected by the various possible Brexit scenarios?

HMRC is sending out letters about preparing for no deal brexit, but all the info is about goods, not services. 


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07th Dec 2018 12:48

Who knows ?

We're waiting for details of the deal.

We may know after Tuesday. We may not.

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07th Dec 2018 13:36

AFAIK if we ever leave the EU VAT zone, then Ireland would charge the UK no Irish VAT, as we would be "rest of world" from their point of view.

I imagine there would have register for VAT in the UK and pay over UK VAT, mirroring the current rules about overseas services into the UK. but we don't seem to have any services rules being thought about, its in the "too hard" pile along with all the other pesky detail which is ignored when banging the drum and waving the flag and dreaming of spitfires and golden youths when the world was wonderful and somehow doing better trade deals than than the EU, but with not a single example of with whom, for what products, or why its a benefit. Never ask about the details!

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