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How will RTI react to 6 month new employer numbers?

How will RTI react to 6 month new employer...

I am just off the phone to HMRC PAYE.  In June I applied online to register a new employer with 6 staff.  That disappeared into the ether, in October I repeated this process as I forgot to note the record number in June.

Today HMRC have just confirmed they'll POST out the references which they claim they posted out in October.  So that will be January when we get around to it.

I asked the person on the line to point out to senior management that there is no Earthly reason why an online application for references cannot be replied to the exact same e-mail account they notified about the initial record application.  I expect Hell to freeze over before HMRC wake up to this.

Meanwhile they'll carry on with the same ploddy systems into 2013-14.  One of these happens each year in my client base, 3 to 6 months to get employer references.  Multiply that across the country and I reckon that's at least 100,000 staff where no RTI submissions are going to be hitting the system for 3 months or more whilst employer references get lost in the system.


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By Locutus
17th Dec 2012 12:52

Good question
I guess the HMRC computer will automatically dish out penalties, which will have to be appealed against. After some effort HMRC will reduce the penalty to nil on the grounds that an RTI submission was impossible.

All rather a waste of time.

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By pembo
17th Dec 2012 16:26

take my hat

off to HMRC. Only they could devise systems whereby Jo Public have to pay penalties for the incompetance of HMRC.Brilliant. RTI generally is going to generate a huge amount of work for the appeal system. And all (allegedly)because Ian Duncan Smith had some half baked notion that the benefit system can be simplified. Tax credits remain a disaster and a RTI benefit based system is going to be your worst nightmare. Can't grumble though as government "simplification" invariably = more work for us and RTI and cash based accounting are classics.

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