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HP Colour LaserJet Professional CP5225dn

HP Colour LaserJet Professional CP5225dn

I have a HP Color LaserJet 2605dn but one of the colours won't print (magenta). I don't print magenta much but they are included on the tax returns. I have the choice to get the printer repaired or buy a new printer. I do have another printer which used the same toner cartridges so I could switch without too much hassle but I have got excited about another printer -  HP Colour LaserJet Professional CP5225dn - it will cost around £1,000 but it is duplex and A3. I don't print a lot but duplex would reduce my paper usage and the A3 would help when I am trying to compare two spreadsheets.

I might just get the old printer repaired still.

Does anybody have any views on the printer I am considering or has any other advice please?


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12th May 2012 15:14

I know it is only A4 and simplex but..........

have a look at the Lexmark 540n.

Very cheap and the toner refills are not THAT expensive.

I have had one for a year and am well pleased.

Bear in mind that you will always pay well over the odds for an A3 printer so if you don't really need one, it is a bit of an extravagance!

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12th May 2012 18:39


Thanks Nigel. I'll have a look.

I take your point about the extravagance but that's what I'm like! I wish it would be easy enough to feed the odd A3 sheet into printers but I haven't seen that for a long time - if ever.

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13th May 2012 00:55

I cannot comment since I do not anything about this printer. This may help:

1) Google reviews -

2) Video on the printer -

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By paul.k2
13th May 2012 17:28

Is an MFP a possibility

I am moving most of my clients away from colour laser printers to colour Multi-Function Printers, ie photopcopiers that can be networked and used as a printer.

It does seem to e a more economical approach, just remember to have the default settings at Black and White.



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14th May 2012 17:58

Aweb printer survey

After helping to compile our Business Buyers Guide to Printers, I'm very interested in your post, Peter.

I checked the survey data to see if we had any feedback on that model, but there was no sign of it. It may be that it's quite a new model, so there aren't many out there to compare yet, or that it's larger/more expensive that the printers used by typical AccountingWEB members.

One point that emerged from our survey was that older HP LaserJets tended to be more highly rated that the latest models. The 20xx series in particular did well, and that goodwill may have extended to your LaserJet 2605 until the Magenta print head gave out.

If you are drawn to the A3 (why the machine is so expense) and duplex capabilities because you can see the uses, you're halfway there to justifying the costs. A machine built for heavier duty workloads should, in theory, deliver you a lower cost of ownership in the long run. But as I have noted, they just don't make some printers the way they used to.

If you haven't already seen PC Pro's review, they liked the output quality, but quibbled about the output speeds when they submitted complex DTP documents. They thought OKI's C810 was faster and offered better value, and if A3 isn't a must-have, the same manufacturer's C310/530 and C610 models got good scores from users in our survey and have similar print characteristics (with different ouput speeds). Brothers also got commended from several survey particpants.

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15th May 2012 11:20

Thanks for the information and advice, John

I'm trying to go (sensible) paperless so I shouldn't be able to justify the expense. I would only use the A3 to compare spreadsheets with other spreadsheets but I could easily print off two A4 sheets and lay them side by side! I don't need to print off many multiple pages - only for a few computerless clients. I'll see whether my printer is worth repairing and if not I will look for a replacement and think about it then. Yes, HP used to have a fantastic reputation but they seem to have lost their way a little. I didn't realise that I bought the printer 5 years ago so it's not like a Canon I bought which had to be written off a few days after it's warranty expired!

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