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I have recently joined a practice as Practice Manager, and am looking for a good (but inexpensive!) HR software solution to manage staff holiday leave, sick leave, etc. Can anyone recommend?

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By James Green
20th Jul 2019 12:34
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Jon Jenkins - accountant, app adviser
By jenks81
20th Jul 2019 15:35

I would take a look at your payroll software first to see what that can do. We are using Xero and this allows the employees to self serve holiday/sickness requests that get authorised by the manager and then automatically added to the payroll.

If you have something similar already then there should be no additional costs and you are not trying to maintain two databases with employee information. If your current payroll system does not offer that functionality then I would have a look to see if anything integrates so you don't have to maintain two databases with employee data.

If the number of employees is low then I would go with something like:

Charlie HR
Staff Squared
Bright HR

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virtual accountant
By SuzanneF
21st Jul 2019 19:00

Following my post I have discovered, which is completely free forever, according to the blurb, and appears to do everything I need. Does anyone have experience of it? It is cloud based, and I am a little nervous of using it and becoming reliant on it, and then it either disappearing or a large charge being introduced. Also I am not sure if it would be compliant with confidentiality and data security obligations.

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Replying to SuzanneF:
By Payrollgal
22nd Jul 2019 14:39

I would say that data security needs to be a higher priority than a cost being introduced.

Check out Breathe, it's basic but does what you are looking for.

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By Louise A Williamson
25th Jul 2019 10:42

We use People HR in our practice and I absolutely love it. Highly recommended and wonderful customer service.

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