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HR tax payer and pension contributions

HR tax payer and pension contributions

When a HR tax payer makes additional pension contributions into pension pot (via self assessment return), what happens with the extra tax relief?  Does HMRC issue a refund to the individual?  or is it linked in someway to the pension provider and becomes part of the pension pot?

Am getting myself confused, any guidance would be appreciated....


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By vince8
16th Jun 2012 18:58

Think of the gross value, so for example £10,000 but the client pays £8,000 after basic rate tax that the pension provider reclaims. If its a HR taxpayer the additional 20% is claimed on SA return but that's it. The value of his pension contribution is £10,000.

Long ago pension premiums were paid gross but nothing has changed as regards the value of the pension contribution or the tax relief available, just the method.

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