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Having just read the article in the Gaurdian re. HSBC & its Swiss branches and the appalling & seemingly illegal practices,it would be interesting to know which of the Big 4 undertook the due diligence when it took over the Swiss bank & subsequent audits?. Interesting to see a senior Director was later a Tory business advisor!

"We are all in this together "

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By ShirleyM
09th Feb 2015 07:50

I am sad to say this ...

... but this doesn't shock, or even surprise me.

It's become the 'norm'. In the race for more and more profits/money, who cares how you get it and who you get it from?

My prediction is that HSBC will get a little slap on the hand in the way of penalties, which will indirectly be paid by their customers. Nobody will be prosecuted. Nobody will go to jail. Awards and perks of high office will be retained.

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By jbrassey
09th Feb 2015 09:45

This is old old news

Not sure why BBC are dragging this up again, this has been in the public domain for 5 years now - why do they think the UK has recovered £1bn from the LDF and £1bn from the UK/Swiss deal...... It's not due to compliant tax payers!

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