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HSBC Fraud attempt

A cheeky one!

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Just had a call on my mobile from 0345 760 60 60 from someone called Shaun Simmonds from HSBC saying there was a potential fraud on my business account with a telephone transfer of £1000 requested to someone called Anish Patel. Also that some more transfers going through and they needed to go through security.

I asked how to check he was phoning from HSBC and he said to check the back of the credit card and he would phone me back in 10 minutes.

When I suggested I phone the number on the back of the card he said no I couldnt do that as the telephone banking access had been cancelled due to the fraud and I wouldnt get through security, so it would be easier if he phoned me back.

The clever bit - the number he was phoning from is a GENUINE HSBC phone number.  But see below.

I did actually phone HSBC from a different phone on that number and surprise surprise (not) managed to get through security  on the first attempt and discovered there are no attempts on my account to move money.

Shaun Simmonds then rang me back and asked if I had confirmed the HSBC phone number which I said that I had. However I told him that he was confusing me immensely as he was now phoning me from a different phone number, this one 0345 740 4404, which I suspect may also be genuine, although I havent actually checked it out.  He insisted he was just using the personal customer phone line. I queried why he would use this as Im a business customer. His excuse was that he phones private customers on one line and business on another! That is not how bank departments work/havent since about 1990!

I played along a little furthur and when I asked him for a list of supposedly fraudulent transactions he hung up on me.

NOTE - these first phone number,  as I mentioned above is definately genuine, but some of the calls coming to you from them are not - THE PHONE NUNBERS HAVE BEEN CLONED.  HSBC are aware.

Just  thought I would add to here given a client almost fell for it earlier today.

The 'who called me' sites mention the same phone numbers, but from the comments Ive seen are not necessarily realising it is a genuine phone number, just not a genuine call.

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By Moonbeam
01st May 2019 14:50

It should be made as clear as possible to anyone with a bank account that they shouldn't discuss their account with anyone unless they call a number listed on their bank's website.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By JoF
01st May 2019 15:00

Totally agree Moonbeam.

My full commentary on other postings also included:-

If you get a call purporting to be from ANY bank (etc), then get a name, a reference number for the call or such, then independently get the phone number and phone them back yourself! Always, every single time!

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Replying to JoF:
By 356B
02nd May 2019 11:38

And if possible call from a different phone. Number spoofing and lines being held open for call back are common tricks.

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Replying to 356B:
By JoF
13th May 2019 00:00

Totally agree.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
04th May 2019 11:19

A very helpful post that will add to that much needed awareness on fraudulent activities.

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Replying to elliottchandler:
By JoF
13th May 2019 00:01

Thank you for your kind remark Elliott.

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By johnhemming
04th May 2019 11:57

Sadly it is really easy to spoof phone numbers.

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By ScribbleD
14th May 2019 12:09

Unfortunately, these calls are all too common. It's good to be aware.

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