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Hubdoc and Xero

anyone using it?

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Having heard not so good things about Hubdoc intially I thought I would give it another go yesterday.

Firstly I used on a Xero client with over 43,000 contacts, according to Xero support it is most probably this number of contacts in Xero that made Hubdoc so slow it was unusable.  According to them anything over 1000 and Hubdoc will struggle.

Secondly, I then tried with a client with 700 contacts and it worked well.  

Given that over time the number of contacts in Xero is only going to increase for any client and you cannot delete a contact in Xero this seems like a serious flaw to me.

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By SouthCoastAcc
31st Jul 2020 09:23

I've been testing it with a small ish client for the last 6 months, 200k turnover trademan. The idea being he snaps his receipts on his mobile using the app, but I've also been using it and uploading documents to test it out.

Honestly I've been disappointed, the mobile app snap and upload is hit and miss sometimes (and way too often!) you take a photo and it doesnt upload. It's SLOW I uploaded some documents at 8am one day and by 6pm it was still processing, I needed to get the work done so deleted them and did it manually.

The "IA" or what ever they want to call it is terrible there are a lot of changes needed and these changes are often time consuming, such as adding multiple lines to invoices is a pita, you can't upload bank statements like you can with HDs competitors.

All in it hasn't worked for me.

Oh and it doesn't handle multiple paged invoices very well either.

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By Moonbeam
31st Jul 2020 16:03

I've used it for my own supplier invoices (about 3 a month). But it's not pulling them through properly.

I closed down my auto-entry account and told a client for whom I used AE in the past that we're moving the Hubdoc. He only uploads data once a VAT quarter, so I wouldn't see anything really annoying until next month.

Thank you for making me think this one over again.

I am going to set up with Autoentry again and won't change back to Hubdoc until people on Aweb tell me it's working as well as the AE option.

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
03rd Aug 2020 12:55

Xero support have just pointed this out to me -
Contact lists of greater than 10,000 could cause performance issues.

Surely any successful business that stays with Xero will eventually have this problem as there is no way to delete a contact.

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Replying to NH:
By yaakovgrant
13th Aug 2020 14:59

same thing with "Tracking options", Support recommend less than 100 per Tracking Category before "performance issues" kick in.

For peformance issues, read "it will take 2 mins to run your old P&L report by Tracking category and then another 2 minutes to change the date"

Ok enough Xero bashing for one day, got too many clients on it to "migrate" to greener pastures.

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Replying to NH:
By Slim
13th Aug 2020 15:45

After enough time, wont the smallest of clients have 10,000 contacts?

Often see
ABC Limited
ACB (typo)

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