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I am ACCA Qualified with P6 and want to do CTA

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Dear All,  I want to pursue my career in TAX , So I was looking around on Interent and found out  about CTA. 

I am working in Industry and my 60% time goes after accounts.  so, please suggest if I do CTA , then carrer prospects become much healthier then at present. and would that be any big jump in Salary package. afterall we all have same intention at the end.

Also, please advise best Advance Technical papers to go for. as I read on COIT portal, that if we are not a part of ICAEW /COIT joint programme than we are not allowed to take " Taxation of Major Corporate"

Please advise



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By Duggimon
20th Jun 2019 11:37

TAX isn't a career. There are a number of careers that involve working in tax but from your question I have no idea what your intentions are, or your ambitions, or even what it is you're asking.

What do you do now, what is it you want to change, where do you want to be in 3-5 years?

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By cghc2012
20th Jun 2019 11:53

Thank you for your response.
May be I was not clear enough.
I am group accountant and looking after VAT, Year End Account preparation, Management Account. we send our year account summary to external accountant so they finalize the final accounts and submit to HMRC.

I want to become Tax adviser so I believe CTA is the appropriate qualification of having detailed knowledge on Tax.
As I am ACCA qualified with P6 (Adv Tax)so I believe CTA is the path to pursue with detailed knowledge.

Hoping that I am clear enough now,

Please advise best papers to choose from CTA advance Papers.

I also read on COIT portal, that if we are not a part of ICAEW /COIT joint programme than we are not allowed to take " Taxation of Major Corporate" is this right?

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By Waves
20th Jun 2019 12:13

If the standard of your writing is fairly represented by your posts above, I would suggest you are going to struggle with the CTA exams, and prospective employers may not find your communication skills sufficient for "any big jump in Salary package".

A large part of being successful tax is attention to detail. The Chartered Institute of Taxation, for example, don't abbreviate their name to "COIT".

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Replying to Waves:
By cghc2012
20th Jun 2019 12:33

Dear Waves,

I will take your comment for my writing skills in a good way and will certainly improve . but I normally don't write like this, as it is just post on forum so I just wanted to convey my message.

I admit it was typo- incorrect abbreviation. instead of CIOT I wrote COIT.

Can you advise me on any papers combination. Please .

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By zarar
21st Jun 2019 04:54

What are you trying to achieve?
Where are you going to get the relevant experience from?

There is no point doing the exams if you don't have the practical experience to back it up. Who do you think will employ you in that situation?

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