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i am receiving some raw materials from my customer

i am receiving some raw materials from my customer through delivery challan . Now how can i accounting for this transaction.


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15th Feb 2019 10:23

I haven't a clue, but it might be because your question needs rephrasing.

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15th Feb 2019 11:41

In lieu of payment?
You need to show the sale and purchase as if real money had passed hands. Depending on your bookkeeping software, the easiest way to do this might be to pretend the money came in and was paid out again.

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15th Feb 2019 12:42

Does the material remain the property of the customer, are you supposed to ,say ,add some value to it and hand it back to your customer once the works on/with the material complete?

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15th Feb 2019 17:12

Dr Materials; Cr Something Else

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15th Feb 2019 17:23

Ok, why not.
Dr Stock
Cr Trade debtors

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to andy.partridge
15th Feb 2019 19:11

Ah, you have a stock a/c. Nice.

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to Red Leader
15th Feb 2019 19:13

I don’t. Why would I?

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By 356B
16th Feb 2019 21:19

Are you intending to cook the raw materials prior to selling them? If so, remember to charge the correct rate of VAT.

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16th Feb 2019 22:11

An 'executive accounts' bod would surely be able to string together a coherent sentence, whilst suggesting a possible solution for awebbers to check?!

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