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I hate how CJRS makes me feel thick!!

It must be the tone of the guidance or something...

Didn't find your answer?

I don't believe I am inumerate, and I can operate computers - so I must have some skills.

I have just looked at the CJRS calculator, for a hypothetical test to fit our circumstances.

I have assumed a basic pay of £2000.00

My previous pay date was 28th June

Previous pay period ended 30th June

Current pay period ends 31st July

Current pay date is 28th July.

Total available hours 170

Less worked hours 37

Furlough hours 133.

For some reason my claim is pro/rated downwards by 28/31.

Presumably something to do with the pay day being 28th of the month, and 31 days in the month.

However, I cannot see anywhere to put the previous pay DAY in (ie 28th June), but just the pay period, which ended 30th June.

What stupid thing have I done wrong....

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By Matrix
15th Jun 2020 14:21

Surely the pay date is a red herring, I would put in 31 July. I think I had a similar issue with the original calculator.

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Replying to Matrix:
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By tom123
15th Jun 2020 14:56

I am thinking along those lines too.

I can kind of see where it is going, if it let you put in the prior month pay day - but it seems an unnecessary complication.

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By SteveHa
15th Jun 2020 15:31

I agree. Pay date is irrelevant. Pay period is what I would be using.

Otherwise, a weekend pay day would cause havoc.

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Replying to SteveHa:
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By tom123
15th Jun 2020 15:49

Just annoying that it puts it in there..

I will be using the calculator to check a sample of my calculations (I think), and working off a spreadsheet.

This whole 'calendar days' compared to working days thing is annoying too - but, in the grand scheme of things I suppose we should be grateful.

It is just the fact that you know this whole thing has had zero input from anyone who has ever run a payroll.

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15th Jun 2020 15:54

Forget pay date. That stupid calculator seems to request unnecessary things. I manually worked out the example given And came to HMRCs answer. Then I did a little spreadsheet and believe me it has to be SIMPLE for me to even achieve one. I then fed in the example on that and it worked. Luckily the payroll software gets to an answer re NIC & pension on the Furlough bit.
And no you are not thick. Weare all struggling as HMRC make it so utterley complicated with days/ hours/ etc. This split claim period give a lot more work And I dread when the RULES appear on ZERO hours. I think we are all intimidated by HMRC. You MUST work it out this way they say! Back in March I know I worked it out my way on a few.

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By pauljohnston
18th Jun 2020 10:39

Summed up by a poster perfectly. No input from professionals and dreamed up by civil servants. In my opinion complex so that civil servant can justify his job.

Slightly off the topic look at the dogs dinner made of No Furlough/All Furlough. Why we could not have part furlough I cant understand

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