I have decided to call it quits and close my new practice

I have decided to call it quits and close my...

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Dear all

I have gone back to my old job. Its almost a year since i started the practice but the number of clients are still too low to continue. Thanks for the encouragements from this forum.

... I have transferred my clients to a friend and im left with the website. I made almost all my contacts from the website and i hope someone can make use of it. If anyone is interested in my website - please PM me.

拜拜啦  再会

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By thisistibi
07th Feb 2014 09:01


Sorry to hear it wasn't a success.  I am surprised you only collected clients from a website, but anyway it's not worth discussing that now.  Best of luck for the future...

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By stepurhan
07th Feb 2014 10:28

A brave move

Acknowledging it is time to call it quits is at least as brave as soldiering on in adversity. Don't let anyone suggest that, after persevering for a year, you are now taking the easy way out.I admire you for taking what must have been a tough decision. Best of luck for the future.

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By Maslins
07th Feb 2014 10:32

Sorry to hear that.  Starting

Sorry to hear that.  Starting a new practice is far from easy, so don't beat yourself up.

I lost money in the first year of Maslins, and 6 months in I was applying for part time jobs that I could do around the pitiful client base I had at the time (didn't get one though).  About 11 months in for me (just before Xmas as I started ~1 Jan) I did win a couple of biggish clients, at least enough to mean Xmas wasn't a completely depressing time...but yes, not easy at all.

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