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I love VT and Moneysoft !

I love VT and Moneysoft !

Just love the fact they are so flexible and easy to use compared to previous more cumbersome systems I have had the displeasure to use.

Just made me smile on this sunny Friday (Thursday) afternoon !!


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By eve2206
22nd Apr 2011 00:51

VT vs Xero


I'm starting a new practice beginning of June and have been keeping an eye on any comments about practice software.

Moneysoft, and TaxCalc seem like certs.

But I've still got to decide between VT+ and Xero.  I believe someone on the site was doing a performance check on all of them, so I'm keen to see those when they're published.  As long as I can deliver on the SaaS bit!

So, thanks for posting this comment.


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By Flash Gordon
22nd Apr 2011 07:39

VT & Moneysoft all the way

I'm a big fan of Moneysoft and having swapped to VT Final Accounts from PTP am now a confirmed VT fan!! I've churned out several sets of accounts now and filed a couple by ixbrl (with Taxcalc), piece of cake. Can't sing its praises highly enough. I used to use VT Transaction but they changed it and I wasn't keen, I'm now going to try it again and I bet I'll probably be pleasantly surprised when I accept that I'll just have to learn a few different bits.

And what I like from both Moneysoft and VT is that they produce a good solid bit of software that does the job, no bells & whistles that look good but add nothing except to the price, they take notice of their customers and don't feel the need to increase their prices all the time. And let's face it, they don't need to because by keeping their customers so happy they get multiple recommendations and hence an ever-increasing customer base. Simples! Sage, Iris and co - try picking up a few hints from them!

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By andyrhb
22nd Apr 2011 08:51

Couldn't agree more

Both are straight forward and flexible systems that appear to have been designed by people who have a real feeling for the job we do - unlike some other bloated messes of systems which I could mention...

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