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I need a Vat consultant who knows about estate agents and tour operators

I need a Vat consultant who knows about estate...

I have a client who is a travel agent/tour operator.

Could members please recommend an experienced Vat practicioner who can advise about the relevant issues.

I have no experience at all in this area.



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05th Feb 2013 11:42

professional body

are you a member of a professional body? or a tax expert?

do you want to pay for it? the consultant?

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By aadil
to pauljohnston
05th Feb 2013 12:00

Yes of course, i would pay for it

Yes of course, I would pay for the advice.

I am a member of a professional body, but do not consider myself a tax expert.



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05th Feb 2013 13:47

be specific

is it the tour operators scheme that you cant get your head round? or do you want technical advice?


information about the scheme will be available online or via the helpline


otherwise i would hapily provide you with specialists details..

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05th Feb 2013 14:57

Travel Agents

Probably the best help is from Martin Pooley ( a (the?) renowned TOMS specialist.

Or, other VAT Consultants and VAT Practices will advise; and I can!

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05th Feb 2013 18:44

Estate Agents

I know about but I'm not a tax expert. What is the query?

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05th Feb 2013 20:07

Travel agents

I agree with Les - Martin is the man on TOMS

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By aadil
06th Feb 2013 09:24

Thanks for the recommendations.

Apologies for not putting down a specific query. I did look at the guidance on HMRC website but found it too much. So I thought it best to speak to a consultant who can tell me what is relevant to this particular client.



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