I "sacked" a client - What now?

Sacked Client "needs to have a conversation with me to quickly confirm a few things"

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Having chased a small one man band company for information needed to complete his company accounts for the year ended 30th September 2020 in March, having already requested the necessary in November last year and then in February 2021, I received the following my email from him.

Please watch your tone!

It was your choice to do my accounts early, the information you have requested is not needed for a few months. However, I will try to get it sent to you when I have time.

Do you think I enjoy you chasing me when I’m busy, it’s a nuisance 

I’ve always been fair with you, I am just extremely busy at the moment - so doing my expenses are low on my priority list

I will get them sent to you as soon as I can 

In reply, I pointed out that he had not once paid me on time [5 invoices over 9 years], chased the information again, and issued my invoice.

He sent the necessary, and I finalised the accounts and made the necessary submissions to HMRC and Companies House with his approval. He paid my invoice and I then emailed that I wished to cease acting as accountant for his company with immediate effect and would no longer be responsible for making any further company returns [VAT, PAYE, Companies House, Corporation Tax].

He wrote today requesting a conversation "to quickly confirm a few things", but I really do not want to speak to him again. Am I entitled to ignore him?

Anyone had a similar situation?

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By David Gordon FCCA
12th Apr 2021 14:08

Dear HazelAccounts
Gently but firmly, "I think he deserves" does not cut it.
It is not a matter of deserve.
It bothers me, as an ancient barnacled practitioner, that you do not appear to know that the information passed without fee charges, to the successor agent is set by ICAEW or ACCA rules and or precedent.
As regards the registered office, we provide this as a paid-for service. It is a real service. How much junk advertising do you field for clients through this service?
No-pay? No service!
At the end of the day if the professional relationship between the practitioner and the client is broken, for whatever reason, there is no such thing as a half-divorce.

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