I see BE is on this list now


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Current list of deliberate tax defaulters - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Not that anyone reads it of course.

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By rmillaree
10th Jul 2024 17:17

who is be?

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
10th Jul 2024 17:22

Mr Broom-Broom himself, Bernard Charles Ecclestone

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By Paul Crowley
10th Jul 2024 17:26

The problem is too many names and random order of listing.
And it is now so normal that nobody cares.

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By Justin Bryant
11th Jul 2024 09:35

It's not random. It's in order of tax/penalty size. Hence I was a bit surprised he was not at the top - but I note he made it to the top of the other offshore list (and I doubt anyone will beat him).

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By lionofludesch
10th Jul 2024 17:32

Grant Mitchell's on there as well.

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By More unearned luck
10th Jul 2024 18:45

Slightly more significantly Bernie is also on this list:


Total tax and pens £407m plus an undisclosed sum for interest which since the defaults go back to 1999/00 will be a lot.

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Replying to More unearned luck:
By FactChecker
11th Jul 2024 00:47

"In October 2023, Ecclestone was convicted of tax fraud by false representation, and had to pay HM Revenue and Customs nearly £653m in back tax and penalties. He was sentenced to 17 months in prison, suspended for two years."
The impression given by that quote is that the jail-time was *on top of* actually paying the £653m to HMRC.

Mind you, he 'owed' them in more than just that direct manner ...
In 2008, interviews in another case showed Ecclestone had been under investigation by the UK tax authorities for nine years, and that he had avoided the payment of £1.2 billion through a legal tax avoidance scheme.
HMRC agreed to conclude the matter in 2008 with a payment of £10 million!

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By Verified
10th Jul 2024 19:22

I wonder how many Fs he gives. Approximately none?

Its not like he has to explain it to the ICAEW or at a job interview, is it? If anything, it's probably something to laugh about with his mates, down the F1, Wimbledon and the like. That's what I'd do, anyway.

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By Dougscott
11th Jul 2024 10:37

I wonder how much of this debt was irrecoverable. There are some huge sums!

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