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I want to register a client as a contractor

And do it online

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I want to register one of my clients online as a contractor. The HMRC website indicates that I need to follow the "Register a client for new taxes" and select "Paye for Employers". I started to do this and then thought that I may end up with 2 Paye Employer References instead of a CIS Reference.

I very rarely have to register contractors so just wanted to make sure.

Many thanks.

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By pauljohnston
25th Aug 2019 17:25


Just asked HMRC this question and spoke with a knowledgeable lady. It can all be done on line but you will need the UTR. Ours is for a newly formed company so we await hearing from HMRC with this info

The lady said register the client as for PAYE and an option should appear asking about CIS follow this and the registration for CIS will followthis.

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By SteveOH
25th Aug 2019 18:07

Many thanks, Paul.

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By kevinringer
28th Aug 2019 14:32

I did one recently. HMRC told me I have to register the client for PAYE then phone CIS and tell them it is a CIS-only scheme. I did it. It worked. But you would expect "the most digitally advanced tax authority in the world" to have the facility for agents/businesses to register without having to phone HMRC.

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By RichBatoul
29th Aug 2019 13:08

I did this online as instructed by HMRC and have now gone through 6 months of letters, complaints, debt management issues etc as HMRC have issued specified charges for failing to submit monthly EPS or FPS reports for the PAYE scheme.

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