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ICAEW register practice

Accountants certificate

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If you are an ICAEW registered practice, are you allowed to complete and sign off an accountants certficate for an unqualified firms client if they provide you with signed tax returns etc. ?

Also, is a seperate engagement letter required for this? 

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By sarahg
08th Apr 2021 16:35

Why would you want to do this?

You would be signing off work that you didn't complete. Check if your insurance would cover this

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By Paul Crowley
08th Apr 2021 16:39

I am and I would not
So no need for the ALM and engagement letter

Why take such a risk, as in misleading the recipient of the report that you are the tax agent of the unknown client

If you are, call the PII people and chat about it

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By Wanderer
08th Apr 2021 18:05

Yes you are 'allowed' to do it.
I've been approached many times to do it.
How many times have I done it? - Nil!

High risk, low reward, disrespects the years of training & the hoops we have to jump through to obtain & maintain the qualification.

AND anyone who does it without more or less re-doing the job applying their own standards & normal, maybe enhanced, charge rates and not obtaining the client long term is (IMO) an idiot.

Even then full disclosure that you've only acted for the client for five minutes.

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By jackyjoy123
09th Apr 2021 15:50

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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