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Ideal GDPR templates for small practices?

What the best templates for GDPR for small practices?? PLEASE?

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I run a small practice. Most of my work involves bookkeeping with the odd accounts prep/tax return here and there.

I'm just in the prcoess of reviewing all my files in regards to Money Laundering and GDPR just to make sure I'm thoroughly covered. I've read all the articles, watched the webinars etc but what I've never managed to find is somewhere that provides the ideal template. Some are five pages long, some 45 pages long and I really wouldnt mind if its the 45 page long template that I have to customise if I could be sure it was the right one. I'm not necessarily looking for a free one, just one that highlights the bits I need to tailor and ensures I'm covered.  The ACCA engaemant letter includes some pages re data protection but I dont know if this is enough?

A year on since compliance and I'm none the wiser.

Please, someone must have the answer????

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By paul.benny
15th Jul 2019 15:16

Try visiting and taking a look at his GDPR policy.

Jon is an accountant whose life's work has been "documents that people praise and envy. That win business or impress Boards. That save time - yours, your readers, your audience".

His GDPR policy is slightly flippant but covers all the bases for a small business. (I no connection other than being on his mailing list).

edit - sorry - his policy isn't shown on the site. I'll try to find a link.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By paul.benny
18th Jul 2019 08:37
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