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Idiots Guide to Import Duty

Import Duty queries (NOT VAT) on import followed by onward export

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Can anyone point me in the right direction of some concise information on Import Duty. (NOT VAT) post Brexit.

Client imports from China and onward sells into EU. I'm sure I read about some exemptions/reclaims in these circumstances but can't find them amongst all the politics. 

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By paul.benny
15th Sep 2021 17:39

Have you tried the excellent brace for brexit articles on here? They're a good place to start.

I think what you're looking for is Inward Processing Relief - although not entirely sure whether that applies if you're just shifting boxes. Don't forget that whether or not you get duty relief, the origin of your goods is China and so your EU customers will still have to account for duty.

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
15th Sep 2021 21:51

I've sent you a PM with a link to a presentation I did some months back for a local chamber of commerce event. The slides are focused on customs and duty rather than VAT.

I'll re-work these slides into a series of articles for AccountingWeb over the next week so I can share them with everyone else here.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Rebecca.Williams
16th Sep 2021 10:49

Thank you, excellent article with exact answer I needed, though not the one the client wants. Looks like they will moving to France.

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