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IFA practising certificate

IFA practising certificate

Has anyone applied for a practising certificate with IFA this year?

I am interested in applying for direct membership with IFA (as an ACCA member). The sole purpose is to be able to obtain a practising certifcate from them.
Having spoken to IFA on the phone, they were quick to send their application form to me, but when I prodded them about applying for a practising certifcate, they were a big vaque in providing the info.
Ofcourse, I would not want to go through the hassle of applying for membership(not to mention cost) , just to get stuck when it comes to obtaining a practising certificate.

Could anyone who has applied for a PC recently with IFA give me a list of the actual requirements for obtaining a practising certificate with them?

Thank you
Sandra Blakes


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By Anonymous
03rd Apr 2008 13:59

I would disagree...
ACCA are one of the few big professional bodies that will allow you to take on some work with out a practising certificate.

bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts etc is all fine as long as you don't do anything that could be deemed to be public practice.

as to offering consultancy work as long as its to the owners of a business and not being used by a third party e.g. to gain a bank loan etc then this should also be fine with ACCA.

As to gaining an IFA practising certificate - surely this is just a dodge to get practising quicker?

would you not be better to hold your horses until eligible for the ACCA certificate? you'd be amazed at the uplift in experience and subsequent skills you'll gain in this period - all of which you can ultimatley pass on to your clients .

plus you'd be able to charge alot more as an ACCA than and IFA

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03rd Apr 2008 13:25

I have done this myself
In totally the same position ACCA Member want to practice or at least provide some tangible value added stuff for clients.
I contacted ACCA about the whole debacle they said that dual membership didnt mean you could practice as you needed a certificate with them as well. So you like me are stumped!!!

Thinking of starting a petition as load of people have felt that the ACCA wont allow its members to do anything at all.

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