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IFRS course offered by ICAEW. Thoughts?

Would this course help with my career?

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Hi All

i qualified in a small practice 10 years ago and since then have gone down the industry commercial business partnering route. Have had progression in this route up until now but am struggling now to move on or progress where i am. January was silly in that I went to 10 interviews and nothing came of it. Targeted the sector I am in (construction, facilities management, housing) but it didn’t work. 

So I am trying to think outside the box in order to move forward. I see that ICAEW offer an IFRS online course which is 70 hours / 12 months. Doesn’t cost much in the grand scheme of things. It basically teaches you IFRS, something I would have learnt about 15 years ago in my studies but not really used. 

Has anyone done this course before? Is it any good?

basically the commercial/ business partnering route is proving difficult for me to progress through. So I am wondering if I study this course, will it open me up to different paths such as technical or financial controller roles?

or are those roles just as competitive to get into? Would they like the fact that I would have accumulated all this knowledge or would they say “all very well but you don’t have experience in this area”?


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By Moonbeam
12th Mar 2019 14:45

Given your target sector I'm wondering whether good ole Brexit is responsible for some of your problems. Would it be worth broadening the search area?
And 10 interviews in one month is a lot. Were you really a good fit for all these jobs?
It might be better to be more picky in future, as you don't need all those blows to your self esteem.
If you're going via an agency, try to get someone there to give you some honest feedback from those 10 interviews to help you work out what to do next. And if necessary, change agency if you don't get the help you need. Also apply direct to employer's ads. That might work better for you.
Good luck - I believe you're a worthwhile person who just needs to find the right niche.
Let us know how it goes.

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By Crcrunch
13th Mar 2019 07:14

Who knows about brexit to be honest. I was a good fit for most of the roles and I didn’t use one agency. Just used whoever contacted me. Most of the interviews said that I was good and that they liked me. But loads of competition meant there was someone that bit better than me. Or they weren’t sure I would fit in the culture. I tried different sectors but they usually want someone experienced in the sector.

It’s strange all this as I thought the ACA or any other qualification is supposed to open doors. Seems a nightmare at the moment because of the competition so just wondered if staudying IFRS might open doors? Thanks for your help.

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Replying to Crcrunch:
By Moonbeam
13th Mar 2019 09:00

The feedback implies that you're not standing out sufficiently from the competition.
It sounds as if doing a lot of research on the business concerned before the interview and thinking about a particular experience you've had in the past that you could discuss at interview is going to be the key to success. Your aim must be to show yourself as pro-active. Most candidates will have done little or no research beforehand, so this could help you stand out and show how useful you could be to your future employer - ie you don't just do something - you consider the consequences and adjust your actions accordingly.
Most interviewers just love a candidate who talks about this sort of stuff in a way that makes it easy to choose that person for the job.
So many candidates don't talk enough about themselves and what they've done so think about how to do more of that.
If you're getting the interviews extra training on IFRS won't help you get the job ahead of extra personal interaction.
You could join a local speakers club. That would definitely help you in the long run.

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By Crcrunch
13th Mar 2019 20:38

Maybe I need some interview training. Do you know any people or organisations that offer this?

I would like to ask the question from a different angle. Would me not knowing the accounting standards well hinder my progression in the long term as I only know the business partnering/commercial side of industry? If I were to know the IFRS, would I then have more skills to offer in the long term (commercial and technical) thus would help me progress to an FD in the future?

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By Moonbeam
13th Mar 2019 21:54

Hi CrCrunch I wish someone else could help with advice here.
1. It won't do you any harm to do more training on whatever you feel is appropriate and show that on your cv, but all that will do is help you get the interview in the first place. It's personality that seals the deal in any job interview, and the more relaxed and outgoing and relevant you can be the more chance you have.
We've all met the people bristling with qualifications who are absolutely hopeless at engaging with others.
2. Joining your local speakers club is extremely cheap, and a fantastic way of giving you confidence and helping you shine at interview. Try it for a few months, then go onto the jobs market again and I guarantee that if you put in the work at the speakers club you'll do much better at interview after that. I used to belong to my local club. Someone there got a really high powered job as a result of going along weekly to the speakers club and regularly speaking there.
If you just go to a speakers club, you're bound to do better than so many other candidates -the accountancy world is not full of outgoing and confident people and all you need to is wow the employers at the next round of interviews. And you'll get so much support from other members.

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