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IHT planning .. accountant, solicitor or IFA

IHT planning who is likely to offer best advice .. solicitor, IFA or accountant

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I have a client who needs advice about making significant lifetime gifts and IHT planning generally.

It is a specialist area that I would not advise in.

Just wondered who people generally feel offer best advice in this area? A good Chartered IFA or Chartered Planner, a solicitor or a larger Accountancy practice?

Many thanks

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By Justin Bryant
21st Jul 2020 08:37

I am pretty good at IHT advice and am a dual qualified solicitor & ICAEW.

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Hallerud at Easter
21st Jul 2020 09:45

I would go for a solicitor who is likely also a CTA and is involved with STEP.

If in Edinburgh/Scotland I can personally recommend John McArthur

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By Tax Dragon
21st Jul 2020 11:59

I see my initial reply (applauding your

soundadvice wrote:

It is a specialist area that I would not advise in

comment) has not made it to the web.

I have attended STEP sessions with accountants, tax advisors and solicitors. You're going to get good and bad wherever you go, but if I had to choose a section of that audience from which an advisor would be selected at random, I too think it would be the solicitors. (If you want personal recommendation... what part of the country are you looking in?)

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