I'm looking for an accountant with a good memory!

I'm looking for an accountant with a good memory!

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Nearly 15 years ago, my client obtained a ruling from Keith Dixon, who at the time headed up the Inland Revenue TV and film industry unit in Manchester.  Now, HMRC are trying to discredit this ruling, inferring that Mr Dixon did not know what he was doing.  Now I remember at the time there were various Inland Revenue guidance notes relating to the film industry, which basically said that if you had a status enquiry, the only person who could give a ruling was Keith Dixon, and no other Inspector would do.

Unfortunately I no longer have any literature from this era, and neither (rather surprisingly) does the Institute library.  Mr Dixon appears to have retired some time ago.  Does anybody out there still have any of these notes that I could then wave at HMRC to prove that he was their expert and so his ruling should be given due weight?

Many thanks, Euan John

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By johngroganjga
12th Dec 2014 15:12

If you google the name + HMRC you will find a link that might be useful.

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By stephenkendrew
12th Dec 2014 15:15

Is this any use?



edit - beaten to it by John


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By lionofludesch
12th Dec 2014 15:21

Amazing what's still out there on t'interweb.

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