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I'm so pleased for them

What a wonderful organisation

"MyFirmsApp Shortlisted for Top Accountancy Practice Product of the Year."

Read all about it here:

Just a shame I couldn't post a comment to "congratulate" them...


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By mrme89
22nd Aug 2017 20:44

Isn't it their mileage app that gets heavily criticised?

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to mrme89
22nd Aug 2017 20:45

Usually their heavy handed approach to marketing...

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By mrme89
to Kent accountant
22nd Aug 2017 20:49

At least they're well rounded and consistent.

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22nd Aug 2017 23:42

I always like receiving their marketing material in the post, good quality thick glossy card sounds so much more satisfying as it goes through the shredder.

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23rd Aug 2017 09:36

Nice to see Darlington getting some recognition .... its been a long time since Locomotion No 1

Is anyone using this? Like websites blogs and social media its just something else to keep updated. Is it really a USP for accountants (well it wouldn't be if they all has one)?

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By Locutus
23rd Aug 2017 10:05

I think MyFirmsApp should change their name to MyFirmsMarketing.

I suspect at least 90% of the company's expenditure must be related to marketing. They never miss an opportunity.

I have never really seen much use for this generic app in a small practice. Maybe a dozen of my clients would bother to download it, out of curiosity. Perhaps one might actually use it. Not a good return for the basic package fee of £95 + VAT per month.

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to Locutus
23rd Aug 2017 10:15

Maybe they should merge with ReceiptBank

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23rd Aug 2017 14:16

Do they sponsor the awards, that they have been nominated for.

I put myself forward for the "Best parent in the house award" yesterday but failed to make the (very) shortlist.

I have appointed Saatchi & Saatchi to do my pitch next year.

Next Year Rodney, Next Year.

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to Glennzy
23rd Aug 2017 14:17

In a two horse race at Chez Democratus I would struggle to come 5th in that category.

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to Glennzy
23rd Aug 2017 20:09

You need to make sure Saatchi & Saatchi are part of the judging panel.

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23rd Aug 2017 11:53

Firm who does a lot of marketing, spends money on a pure marketing exercise.

Shock horror.

I have never won an award, as I have never paid the money to enter.

Out of interest how much does it cost to be shortlisted (ie enter) "Best Small Practice"?

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to ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd Aug 2017 14:02

It costs nothing to enter or be shortlisted in either the Software or Practice Excellence awards :-)

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By marks
23rd Aug 2017 22:02

Have never understood the point of these types of awards.

At the end of the day the businesses that are up for them are those that have chosen themselves to apply.

Would understand an award where someone has been nominated by others for it. As opposed to a self nomination award.

We have a couple of general business awards in my area over the next month or so which are self nominated awards. One of the events has a "most promising" business award where there are 2 shortlisted for the award. Now I know my area isnt the most entrepreneurial in the world but surely there are more than 2 promising businesses in the area or is the likelihood that only 2 business bothered to apply and therefore both have been shortlisted.

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