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Impact on VAT of using merchant of record

How do you report sales on VAT return and EC Sales list when using a Merchant/Seller of Record?

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My company develops and sells software. We use a Merchant of Record for processing card payments when we sell abroad so they take care of tax compliance in the different territories we sell to. Any thoughts on how I should be recording sales in our UK VAT return? And whether we need to complete an EC Sales List for sales to EU countries??

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By JoF
06th Sep 2019 11:58

I'm a bit confused by the question.

Ok, I'm not. I'm confused by the fact that this question has been asked by an Accountant.

Ignoring the legislation for the moment, what are your thoughts on what the vat guide tells you about reporting this on your vat return.

You don't say who you are selling the software to, so it's hard to form an opinion on your second question, although at a guess I would say yes.

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