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So, a week to go and no mention of where we’re all meeting for drinks Wednesday evening after Accountex, I don’t remember signing a GDPR opt-out, or is the secret location invite ‘in the post’?

So who’s going to Accountex? And who’s going for a drink?


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17th May 2018 12:33

I love a drinks party as much Frank loves a carpet.

I will be there just name the venue. The Pitcher & Piano is the usual venue in Canary Wharf.

There is a rumour going around that AWEB is 25 this year so looking to push the boat out, although it is just me who started the rumour.

I am staying near the Excel and also had a few invites to some pre accountex function the night before.

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By marks
17th May 2018 22:52

I'm going.

Going down to cheltenham on the train on Sunday for a 2 day training course on infusionsoft.

Then jumping on the train to London on Tuesday night over to London for accountex on Weds/Thurs.

Fly back to Edinburgh on Thursday night.

There seems to be a lot of potential options on Weds night

1. Receipt Bank drink party on boat
2. James Ashford Go Proposal get together at some local bar to Excel
3. AWeb members meet up

Wonder which one to choose??????????

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By Mr_awol
to marks
18th May 2018 14:32

marks wrote:

1. Receipt Bank drink party on boat

I was vaguely tempted by that until it occurred to me that I'd probably have to dress and act like a grown up.

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