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Improvement to AWeb?

Improvement to AWeb?

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Has there been a change to the background infrastructure on AWeb? Any Answers no longer runs at the speed of a dead pig but actually loads reasonably quickly now, anyone else noticed a change or is it just me?

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By Ashlea
10th May 2017 11:30

I have noticed that I can actually type a question/reply without it stuttering and taking 5 minutes to type a few lines. Thanks AccountingWeb!

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By Tom Herbert
10th May 2017 11:42

Thanks for taking the time to post Duggimon - it's much appreciated here at AWeb towers.

The dev team have been working behind the scenes to speed up the site, so its good this has translated into improved load times.

We're part-way though the process so hopefully this is just the start.

All the best,


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By mrme89
10th May 2017 11:59

It has probably got quicker because they have removed the 'most liked' threads that were complaining about how bad the site was.

The threads are still on Aweb, and still have the same number of likes (exceeding those on the current 'most liked' list) but do not appear on the 'most liked' section.

Crafty buggers they are at Aweb ivory towers.

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