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Income Tax- Non UK Resident

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On of our employees is moving back to Poland on 12th May, he will be still employed by us, just working remotly in Poland.

He is still liable to UK tax, eligible for Personal Allowance (when he fills in the form), however, he may be liable also to tax in Poland, is that correct? Will he able to claim tax back upon Double Tax Relief?

Since we are in new tax year, would he be better off if he stayed in the UK for more than 46 days to be classed as UK resident? (he has been UK resident for the last 3 years)

I will appreciate all the answers.

Thanks Jo


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By zarar
15th Apr 2019 15:13

You need to get proper paid advice on this situation as a whole - payroll for an overseas member of staff and their tax situation BEFORE it happens

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16th Apr 2019 16:02

Def need to take specialist advice. You may well need to be running a Polish payroll. If you don't have any sort of branch they are unlikely to count as seconded. Most employers I have seen in this scenario have left it to the employee to deal with the local taxes, maybe via a sole trade but if they don't have more than one client the chances are local taxes would still make you an employer. Minefield with overseas compliance! Good luck!

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