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Incorporation relief

Is there a limit ?

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I've been reading and doing loats of calcualtions for a client with some very big numbers (so I don't want to get it wrong!) regarding the possible transfer of a sole trader business to an LTD. The client base would be valued at about 4m. 

My first question is (I can't find any reference to it so I'm assuming not) - is there an upper limit on incorpoation relief  - would it all be available to rollover ?

Secondly - I know it says all assets are to be transferred but there is an expensive car on the asset list which of course I don't want as a company car. Would I be able to initially transfer it and then on the next day sell it to the director so i can still claim incorporation relief and not have a company car.

Helpful advice appreciated

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By Justin Bryant
11th Jun 2020 11:08

No and yes.

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