Incorrect HMRC accounting dates

Accounts dates wrong (and different to Co House) on notice to file CTR. Ignore?

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I've had 2 incorrect notices today.  One for a long-established company with a February year end.  Last CTR submitted for 28/02/22.  Today's notice asks for 28/02/23 to 28/02/23 (ie 1 day).  I'm just about to submit year end 28/02/23.

2nd is for a company formed in October 2021.  Already submitted 2 CTRs up to 31/10/2022.  Today's notice requests the period 01/12/2022 to 31/10/23.

If I ignore the notices will the dates will sort themselves out once returns are submitted or do I waste more admin time trying to contact HMRC to explain?

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
20th Nov 2023 16:24

If you try to file with incorrect dates they will fail I think.

Actually I find the CT helpline quite helpful when it comes to sorting these. We get one of the juniors in the office to call and make the changes. As long as they are armed with the CAP's that we expect we've not had any issues - worse case they just transfer over the call to someone else in the office.

I'd check HMRC online first to make sure that the CAPS on the letter match what it on the client's online record - although I can't imagine why they would differ. Although with HMRC I wouldn't be surprised if they did!

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By lionofludesch
20th Nov 2023 17:11

Is this a new obstacle set in taxpayers' way in an attempt to collect penalties?

I'm pretty sure I've just altered dates before.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By rmillaree
20th Nov 2023 17:24

dates can be revised

hmrc are better than they used to be ref accepting filing dates out of synch when you file. i am old skool though and it used to be nightmare when returns used to get stuck so i still tend to get someone to ring up and align unless i know its the type that will not create issues. The main no no is not to have period not aligned - if company was dormant at start hmrc need to update that period as approrpiate so it doesnt show up online if its before ct600 submision.

HMRC are normally pretty reliable when following on from previous year - i would check online to see if online dates match notice to file - that should confirm if it is a real issue or not ref feb year end. are you sure you didnt file to 27th of the month in error last year? - i have seen it where peeps have shortened year end at companies house then somwhat stupidly filed to the that date rather than month end for both c house and corp tax.

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By zxcvb
21st Nov 2023 11:16

Thanks for the comments.

Online at HMRC the accounting dates appeared correct and as expected. A quick phone call (after the obligatory long wait in the queue) to HMRC tells me that their records are the same as mine. "The notices must have been issued in error".

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