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Incorrect VAT returns on Kashflow

Incorrect VAT returns on Kashflow

I am writing to alert accountants with clients that use Kashflow set up with Fixed Rate Scheme (FRS) percentages and cash accounting basis that it could be calculating VAT incorrectly and their clients could be overpaying VAT. I've identified several clients where VAT could have been overpaid to the VATman if they had submitted the VAT returns using Kashflow. Luckily I spotted the problem in time!

The problem arises where sales invoices issued before 4/1/11 are paid after 3/1/11.  In this case Kashflow incorrectly calculates the VAT on a cash accounting basis using the new FRS rate, not the FRS rate at the time the sales invoice was raised.

I advised Kashflow some time ago that this was an issue, but it has yet to be fixed (so much for quick fixes on cloud accounting software!), so I would suggest that accountants check their clients' VAT returns filed for periods ending on or after 31/1/11 to ensure they are correct.

I haven't checked yet, but it is potentially possible that the same problem will occur on previous rate changes.  For example when the rate went down to 15% or back up to 17.5%, which could result in under or over paid VAT if Kashflow did not handle the calculations correctly.

Worryingly, there is no easy to use facility on Kashflow to amend VAT return figures should they be known to be incorrect, so users may not be able to file VAT returns online via Kashflow and may have to resort to other means.

It is also difficult for users to identify the error because the Kashflow VAT detail report does not show how it has arrived at the calculation for Box 1 or box 6.  The user has to know how to calculate the figures for these entries.


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27th Apr 2011 09:50

I'm afraid I can't help...

But I know some people who might. I've taken the liberty of summarising your question in the KashFlow discussion group in the hope that someone there may be able to help with a workaround.

Duane Jackson also keeps an eye on the group, so perhaps your post may encourage a response from the developer.

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