Inform Direct Accounts Approval Board Minutes

Is there a workaround to produce these?

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Hi, I know there's some Inform Direct fans on here.  We are 2/3 through our free trial on Inform Direct & are very impressed by lots of it but frustrated by the Board Minutes approving accounts, I understand that these are only available as a template (and we have to type in co name, number, reg office, etc) rather than Infrom Direct being able to generate the minutes.

Do other firms generate Board Minutes approving the accounts?

Is there a workaround that other Inform Direct users are using?

p.s. if you're not an Inform Direct fan, what Company Secretarial software do you use?  We were on Digita for a few years (I didn't think it was great) and now CCH for a year (I think its worse) 

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By Roland195
16th Dec 2019 12:36

For what purpose do you believe this serves?

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Replying to Roland195:
By Peter Anderson
16th Dec 2019 16:57

Board of directors approving accounts.

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Replying to Peter Anderson:
By Roland195
16th Dec 2019 20:20

Yes, but what purpose does this serve? For whose benefit are these documents prepared?

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By JamesESmith
16th Dec 2019 13:55


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John Toon
By John Toon
16th Dec 2019 17:21

Not sure if there is a workaround but I haven't used the minutes for a number of years. Have you spoken to the support team to ask the question?

Agree with your comments on Digita and CCH. Iris have a reasonably good CoSec product but I still think Inform Direct is better!

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