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Information not supplied by Invesment House

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Have any of you come across this before.


My client died in 2015/16. She had quite a substantial estate (over £2million) most of this invested in two separate investment houses.

The estate was finally wound up in November 2017.

I have been asked by executors to complete the final income in the administration period but one of the investment houses has not supplied any information. I & my client have been trying to get the information since August without success. I have even been through their complaints team. They just say that their system does not allow this information to be produced in deceased cases. From what I can gather from the executors this investment was mainly shares which were sold & then the account closed & the income passed to  the executors. Therefore I would expect a CG as well as dividend income.

Does anyone have any suggestions or do I just file without this information to meet January deadline & keep trying to get some sort of information from investment house?



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