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Looking for guidance on the current status of IR35

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I am looking for credible sources of information on the current status/trends on IR35 (apart from HMRC, that is).  I have not had to deal with this for the last couple of years but I am now in the process of signing up clients who may or may not affected by IR35.  Need to sharpen/update my knowledge on this area.  Appreciation in advance.


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By Matrix
28th Oct 2018 08:27

If you don't have the expertise then don't sign up these clients since getting it wrong can be costly, as the BBC presenters have found out.

Given the proposed off payroll roll out to the private sector, there isn't really money to be made from contractors any more, it depends what the chancellor decides tomorrow. There is plenty of reading in the papers or contractorcalculator.

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28th Oct 2018 10:01

IR35 - about the most contentious issue in accounting at the moment* Agree with the above reply. Don't go there but if you must, try one of the contractor websites.

*apart from MTD that is....

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