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Insight into the ATT-CTA Pathway

Fairly new in taxation and looking for some insight into the ATT-CTA pathway

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Hi Everyone,

So I am fairly new in the taxation field with just under a years experience. I soon will be enrolling into the ATT-CTA pathway and there isn't much insight into the course from searching online. So I thought i ask some questions here and see if i get any responses. I have the following questions for those with ATT-CTA experience:

  • How was the work-study-life balance whilst completing your ATT and CTA modules respectively?
  • How many hours did you study per week for an paper exam and CBE respectively at ATT and CTA level?
  • How difficult are the ATT and CTA exams respectively?
  • For anyone with accounting experience at university or in prior job/qualifications, did it make it easier to cover ATT content and complete your exams in your experience?
  • Who is the best course provider for the pathway?
  • After your ATT is complete, how long do you realistically expect it takes to complete your CTA?
  • What is the best strategy in working through the pathway? e.g do CBE's first and then exams or another method.
  • is possible to prepare and complete two paper exams in one sitting with respect to ATT, whilst also working? or would you recommend one paper exam every Nov/May

Also some questions related from a career perspective:

  • in your experience did the CTA deliver a great benefit from an educational and salary standpoint?
  • Are you taken more seriously in your company/team as a result of obtaining the qualification?
  • after completing the pathway, did you seek to move jobs straightaway? if so, is it fairly simple to obtain a new job?

Sorry if i am asking too many questions, but there seems to be lack of detailed insight with respect to this qualifcation. I would be very greatful and appreciative of your thoughts.



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By tom123
07th Feb 2021 07:48

Well, one point to bear in mind is the computer based exam passes 'expire', so that starts the clock running if you do them first.

Apart from that not much to add, as I attempted to add CTA after working in industry for ages (decades!). Found it too hard and was very pleased to end up with ATT, which I find useful.

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By Richard Grant
07th Feb 2021 19:55

Depending on you experience and other qualifications the ATT is straightforward. I did it in three sittings and the CBE last but you could do two exams at a sitting and knock it out in 12 months, depending on prior knowledge.
I studied with Kaplan online and didn't do anything extra. Basically read the course work and did the questions provided. As part of the online course they provide mock exams and feedback. Overall good value for money.

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