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Insolvency - appointment of liquidator, form 4.27

Insolvency - appointment of liquidator, form 4.27

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We're taking on a liquidation of an English company and so there are a different set of forms to be used from our normal Scottish ones.

The legislation, Insolvency Rules 1986, refer to a Form 4.27, certificate of appointment of a liquidator which is filled in by the directors at the general meeting and thereafter retained by the liquidator. The link to the form in the legislation is broken though and the site makes no mention of it. Is the form still required and if so does anyone know where we can get it?

We are the sole liquidators and it is a MVL of a solvent company, we have everything else we should need to proceed.


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14th Mar 2016 15:47 website

There are a lot of broken links since the various stand alone websites were abandoned in favour of the single website.  However, you might find the following link helpful.


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14th Mar 2016 16:46

Form 4.27

I've got one I can  send on to you.

PM me if you still need one.


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14th Mar 2016 17:02

Thanks for the response Jacqui though I've already been there and the form isn't listed, at least not where I would have expected to see it and nowhere I could find with a ctrl-F. I had almost convinced myself it was an old form no longer used but the legislation referring to it has not been replaced with anything else.

Method Man, I've sent you a PM, thanks very much for your offer.

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14th Mar 2016 18:12

Change of form?

Hi Duggimore,

I should have been a bit clearer because I was wondering if the form number had been changed because the final section of the page I included the link for refers to form 600.  However, on closer inspection the form is dated 2006 even though the page refers to the form being published on 6 April 2010.

The link to that form is

The numbering does seem rather way out from the expected 4.27 though.

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15th Mar 2016 08:45

Hi Jacqui

I've got the "form 4.27", in actual fact it's essentially a simple declaration used to formalise the appointment of a liquidator, Method Man was kind enough to send me a copy of the standard form he has for it.

Form 600 is the form used to notify Companies House of the appointment, we have that one but the legislation refers to this other Form 4.27 and, not being so familiar with the process for English company liquidations, we wanted to be sure we weren't missing anything.

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