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Insolvency Work

Insolvency Work

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Is there some way I can tap into the lucrative world of insolvency? I only ask because the Guardian has reported on the administration of Portsmouth F.C. It transpires that in a letter to creditors of 19 April a sum of £1.989M was shown as owing to the club's sponsors/shirt suppliers, part of the £120M total debts. It has been reported since that the amount was in fact a debtor - not surprising since sponsors usually generate money and not become a liability.

Call me old fashioned, but I reckon I could sort out the debits from the credits. I might also insist on some documentary evidence of reported debts to justify my £100K per month fees.

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By GarethHughesFCCA
26th May 2010 22:45

Go for it
I spent 2 years doing bankruptcies & compulsory liquidations, and 3 years doing CVA's, prepacks and CVLs. I currently work with IP's, insolvency lawyers and funders to provide insolvency solutions for clients and non-clients alike.

IP's get hundreds of CV's a week from qualified accountants looking for a sideways move. Doing the CPI exams would go in your favour - have you applied for any trainee case administrator jobs?

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By Anonymous
27th May 2010 13:53

Sarcasm ?

I think the OP might have made the post as a bit of sarcasm ??

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