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Insurance on vehicle

Company car

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Slightly off subject in terms of accountancy and tax but if one (I) were to purchase an electric car in the company is there a way that it can insured personally although owned/financed by company? The insurance premiums for company policies appear to be a lot higher for some reason and I am sure this will pop up with clients also. 

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By paul.benny
03rd Dec 2021 15:44

I vote no.

You don't have an insurable interest in the car as you are not the owner, nor is the vehicle leased/hire to you.

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By gillybean04
03rd Dec 2021 15:56


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By Paul Crowley
03rd Dec 2021 19:19


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By williams lester accountants
03rd Dec 2021 16:39

+1. Probably end up uninsured if you had an accident.

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By Leywood
03rd Dec 2021 17:22

Cake and eat it. Can't have it all Im afraid.

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By lionofludesch
03rd Dec 2021 21:53

I vote no.

The entity that owns the car won't have any insurance.

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By Dougscott
07th Dec 2021 14:04

I have just insured a company car through LV insurance. They say it doesn't make any difference to the premium whether the company is owned by the driver or the company as long as the driver is named. So if you are a one-man band and you are the only driver get a quote from LV.

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paddle steamer
07th Dec 2021 14:17

Re insurance the companies in my experience tend to want the V5 in name of the insured, ownership does not seem to bother them ,so if V5 in personal name likely could get insurance, catch is ensuring covered whilst being used for business purposes.

I would chat with a broker.

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