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Intact Xline Software

Does anyone here have experience of using Intact Xline from an accountants point of view?

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One of my larger clients, who is a security electronics wholesaler, has decided to switch to this software having outgrown his Quickbooks Plus software suite.

The product is markered as a Business Management package, and he certainly likes the showroom management and inventory control packages.

He has asked me for my input/thoughts but I have never heard of it and searching online only seems to direct you to reviews on their own website (which are never going to be negative). The accounting section of their brochure seems rather glossed over ("provides all the features you will need etc") and the company arent willing to provide any demo software for me to spend time perusing. They only offer a one hour session online, with a sales rep looking over your shoulder.

The package isnt cheap, so im guessing its more than likely okay, but does anyone here have direct experience of the software to hopefully put my mind at rest?

Many Thanks

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By johnt27
23rd Jun 2020 16:06

Can't say I have heard of them. For a moment I thought it was Intaact, which is now under the Sage umbrella, but it's not.

Website looks very slick but extremely uninformative and there's nothing there that you couldn't do with additional apps connected to QBO or Xero and likely at a lower cost with all the upside benefits of being a proper cloud based system.

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By firtrees
26th Jun 2020 12:21

We have a client who use one of the intact products. It took a long time to setup, mainly because they moved from a manual accounts system.

They do sell "Training" which personally I don't like because software should be self explanatory. Also, the guy that did the training was brushing me off when I was asking questions, especially around reporting, it was a why would you need that!! As this is a desktop product there had to be some serious spend on server, etc

The data entry, mainly from a purchase invoice side of things can be pretty time consuming, there was talk of using autentry to ease this process but not sure where they are with this.

This is an expansive piece of kit, overkill for most businesses that don't make full use of ordering, stock control, etc

I would be more inclined to look at the online software market to see what is there, you probably won't get one software that covers everything that is required but they should interlink and give a lot more scope

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