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Integrated Software?


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I'm pretty sure that all the solutions are going to be out of my price range, but a the moment I feel like I have a lot of different systems and would like to try and combine a few

Workflowmax - for tracking jobs

Xero - for bookkeeping

Taxfiler - for tax returns

VT - for accounts

Moneysoft - for payroll

Docusign - for clients signing tax returns, accounts, paperwork, contracts, etc

Box - for storage

Any ideas for streamlining any of this?   Ideally I would like a package where I can email the tax return directly to the client as a starting point


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By Maslins
25th Oct 2018 17:03

I'd suggest your first question is which of those can you basically NOT move away from?

Eg if you were to move from Xero to FreeAgent for bookkeeping, then you could use FreeAgent for payroll as well as bookkeeping. However if your clients do their own bookkeeping, then probably migrating them all away from Xero isn't a viable option, unless you want to risk losing a large chunk of your client base to other Xero practices.

Senta can potentially cover your Workflowmax, Docusign, and Box.

Plenty of packages which do both statutory accounts and tax returns (eg Taxcalc).

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By lionofludesch
25th Oct 2018 17:49

"Box" seems very low tech.

I have a few boxes myself.

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By carnmores
29th Oct 2018 19:44

how about abandoning VT for accounts and use Taxfiler instead. sometimes different softwares are the best solution

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29th Oct 2018 21:07

It would perhaps make sense to sit tight and see how Taxfiler develops.

If the accounts develops a bit further with basic journal/editing options and Iris Open Space portal is attached you may be most of the way there anyway, without the costs of moving.

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