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Integrated tax and accounts software

I am looking for recommendations for new accounting and tax software

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I have been using the IRIS suite for 15 years and am finding that reliability and support are going down and down. Wondering if anybody can say that they have a really great alternative package that I can look into.


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By kevinread
28th Oct 2019 18:54

TaxCalc without a doubt. Worth every penny.

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By djn24
29th Oct 2019 10:56

We use CCH and to be fair it is a very good product. It has matured over the years and we don't seem to have many issues. The price is reasonable too.

I've had a brief look at Capium and that looks very fresh and reasonably priced.

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By apw13
30th Oct 2019 08:43

Just moved to TaxCalc after 13 years with Iris.
No contest just move!
There are a small amount of things that TaxCalc doesnt do, but that Iris did - still wouldnt go back!

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By marks
30th Oct 2019 22:17

Plenty of alternatives.

IRIS has lost the plot with their pricing and dated software and I think they are relying on those accountants staying with them that are that entrenched in their software that they think it will be a big upheaval to move.

We moved from IRIS to Taxcalc last June.

Does most of what you need if you are dealing with small business clients. If it doesnt deal with get software that does what you need and take the "best of breed" approach.

There are some things taxcalc doesnt do eg charity accounts but we only do a couple and use another option.

Cost is about 1/4 what we used to pay IRIS.

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